Mascha Seitz - Makasha

I experience my life as a journey. I have been exploring the depths of my soul since many years now and it never ends. The divine is flowing through all of us and I am a mirror and a creator. 

Visionary art became the most counting thing in my life. I can express my love for life with every single stroke of a brush and fill it with colors of the universe. My consciousness is expanding with every painting I finish and many fears and doubts are being transformed. I experienced deep healing with art. Art can transfer energy to the observer and bring him peace, love and connection. 



I was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to germany with my parents in 1990. I went to school and finished an education in Graphic Design. Then I wanted to be a photographer and started my own business as a freelancer. In 2014 I began to realize what my heart was asking for the whole time. Since my childhood I wanted to be an artist, but everybody around me told me that it was impossible to make a living out of that. So I gave up that idea and never finished a painting. Then in October 2017 I attended a three days workshop with Allyson and Alex Grey in Basel. That changed my life forever. These two shining souls guided me to my own inner godself. Suddenly I knew what to do. I knew that I wanted to paint and I had so many visions and ideas in my head that wanted to be realized. Since that moment I am constantly painting and working and growing my expression. The process of an artist is so transforming, challenging and nurishing for the soul. I am forever grateful that I found this as a home for my spirituality. A sacred space for divine expression. 

I think every human being is an artist in some way and everyone has the ability to follow his heart and do what his soul is longing for. I have the willingness to stand in the here and now and demonstrate the power of love, the power of truth and the power of our hearts.