Original artworks

"Mother I" 



The wonder of life

The fruit of creation

In this eternal moment of NOW

In everlasting perfection


Acrylic on canvas

65 cm x 47 cm


Orignal AVAILABLE. Send request to info@maschaseitz.com


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"Gaia Panagia" Mother of Mercy (Mother Mary)



Acrylic on printed canvas

65 cm x 47 cm


AVAILABLE. Request to info@maschaseitz.com


Collaboration Project with Ashley Christudason, a great artist from



Story about this painting coming soon on my blog.





Acrylic on canvas



Part of the Vision Train Exhibition "Transition" now happening live Big Zoom Event here: https://bit.ly/3fdBXM7


My prayer for this year.

Thank you all for being here with me in this beautiful spring time.

May the energy of infinite realms of paradise flourishing into our hearts. May I recognize you and me being the same, connected through a big mystery, holding this world. May all sorrow and grief becoming fertile soil. May the seeds of all fruitful visions take roots into the earth. Aho.

Transformation 2020 - Workshop with Amanda Sage

Turning point

23.6 x19.6 inch




Acrylic, casein and oil on canvas


Welcome to the eternal point of here and now, where there is birth and death, heaven and hell and silent emptiness. 

We are always at the edge of everything. Bliss, illness, loss and hope. In the stillness of the mind we can find the dynamic, loving and peaceful place that conducts all things. Eternal play of light. Eternal self-realization and expansion into the unkown. 


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Flowing force


Acrylic on canvas

80 cm x 100 cm




The picture tells of an inner power that is inherent in every person. Which we feel in nature and which extends through all universes and multiverses.

It sings the song of complete self-acceptance.

Journey of the soul


Acrylic on canvas

130 cm x 100cm




This big commission took me half a year. A very talented musician wanted me to interpret his music and I started with a sketch and it turned out into this big piece of colour and surreal abstract and visionary art. It was a collaboration of our two creative forces of music and painting. An intense and deep process that tells different stories in one big story. 

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