I create your desired painting

A painted picture can be so much more than just a work of art that is beautiful to look at. It can be your personal guide, your source of inspiration or a tool for meditation. In collaboration with me as a mediator, an image is created that can accompany and empower you.



It doesn't matter what the occasion, I paint a picture according to your wishes. It can also be a music project for example or a book cover, a festival live painting session or a mural project. 


I paint in acrylic and oil on different surfaces and formats, depending on what you imagine.

If you have a certain topic in your life that you would like an impulse for, all I need to know is this information.

I then connect meditatively with the topic and work with it energetically.


The process with a picture can take weeks to a few months, depending on the size and material. I will keep you informed about the status on a regular basis.


The price varies depending on the size and materials. Write me your request directly to info@maschaseitz.com



Sketches ready to be painted.

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